Modern Art and More

Marilyn Vayne was born in Enschede in 1968. She studied at the Academy of Music  followed by an education at the Neue Opern Schule in Zürich. There her career as opera singer took off. She sang successfully in productions both at home and abroad with, amongst others, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Christina Deutekom, Wilma Driessen, Miranda van Kralingen en Theresa Boyava (USA).

In 1999, Marilyn came first in the television Tros programme Una Voce Particolare, presented by Ernst Daniël Smid. She also received the first prize at the Dutch Opera Belcanto Festival 2000 in Rotterdam. In 2000 en 2001 Marilyn had a booking at the Städtische Bühnen in Münster, where she performed in the musical Evita. In 2001, she  passed the basic doctorate in General Cultural Science / Opera at the Open University in the Netherlands.

Then she was ready for a new challenge and began a course in interior design. This brought her into close contact with art: paintings on the wall, sculptures in a house. She decided to change course and began to study at the A.K.I. Art Academy in Enschede. Her work is explosive in shape and form, creating a positive atmosphere. All the colours of the colour circle are used. Marilyn uses various techniques and uses durable materials. Inspiration comes from within but her surroundings also inspire her. As Marilyn attaches great value to giving inspiration and getting inspiration, she often paints in the presence of other artists. At present Marilyn has exhibitions of her work both at home and abroad.